University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Faculty A – Architecture and Design

Project Description

Building Plan: 40.0 m x 34.5 m with 2 basement levels, ground floor, and 3 upper levels

Floor Layout: 2nd underground floor: building services; 1st: underground floor: workshop; ground floor: auditoriums; upper floors: lecture rooms, offices

Building Structure:
- monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton construction without expansion joints
- plate foundation
- basement as “white tub” type of construction with monolithic concrete with a high resistance to water penetration
- flat slabs spanning up to 8,60 m
- horizontal load bearing system consisting diaphragms (walls and slabs)
- German earthquake zone 1
- load-bearing structure with classification R90 (90 minutes resistance to fire)

- auditoriums with column-free spans up to 18.4 m
- façade as 2-layered in-situ reinforced concrete, exposed and without visible joints
- geothermal energy piles below the foundation plate (length up to 20 m)


University Building Authority Stuttgart and Hohenheim


Berger Röcker, Stuttgart

Gross Area / Volume

8.000 m² / 34.000 m³


2010 - 2013