Structural Analysis Software

Development of Structural Analysis Software

For an optimized structural/geometrical analysis and design, the folling Windows programs have been developed amongst others:

RAHMEN: Software program for general three-dimensional structural systems with truss-, beam-, and cable-elements, developed for the form-finding process for lightweight structures and structural analyses according to 2nd order theory with large deformations. The following special functions are available:

- Form-finding elements taking into account the prestress level as well as the elastic stiffness of regular structural elements
- Cable element (various types, adaptive cables like tensioning element or fitting element, non-linear material)
- Compression strut (compression only, bearing- or spring-element, also with displacement presetting)
- Beam Element (15 types, also with normal-force-exclusion or torsional hinge)
- Elastically bedded beam element
- Generation of load surfaces
- Application of prestress and deadload precambering
- Discrete load stages for determination of buckling- and failure-loads
- Control of bandwidth optimization for acceleration of solution of the stiffness matrix equation
- Frequency calculation according to the energy method (Rayleigh-method)
- Data exchange with AutoCAD via DXF-files (geometry, structural elements, analysis results)

Program for geodetic analyses of lines and surfaces as well as for flat projections and cutting patterns of surfaces, application for geometry optimization and patterning of cable-nets, membranes, and domes

Design of composite columns according to DIN 18806-1, DIN 18800-5 und EN 1994 (Eurocode 4) including structural fire design according calculation method or tabulated rules

Design of composite beams according to EN 1994 (Eurocode 4) including structural fire design according to calculation method or tabulated rules

DLTRAEGER: Program for structural analysis of multi-span continuous beams