Daycare Facility for Children in Leonberg

Project Description

The two daycare facilities for children have roughly the same six-sided ground plans and can accommodate 140 to 160 children.

The structure consists of a hybrid construction of timber, composite and reinforced concrete, optimally adapted to the task.

The slab above the ground floor is designed as a point-supported flat slab. The composite columns on the ground floor are integrated into the non-bearing inner and outer walls.

Due to the different ground plans of the two storeys, the structure on the upper floor is constructed in timber. The inner and outer walls on the upper floor are made in timber frame construction and the flat roof is made in massive timber construction.


Stadt Leonberg


bss Bär Stadelmann Stöcker

Gross Area / Volume

3.150 m² / 13.100 m³


2012 - 2013