Topping Out Ceremony for Flying Squadron

The topping-out ceremony for the new building for the Flying Squadron of the Federal Police took place in Oberschleißheim, Munich on 24th May 2013.
Mr Grundmann, first deputy head of the Staatliches Bauamt München 1 (State Building Authority), welcomed numerous guests.
Apart from local politicians, Dr. Ramsauer, Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban Development, Dr. Friedrich, Federal Minister of the Interior and Mr Herrmann, Bavarian Minister of the Interior made their appearance.
In their speeches they highlighted the necessity and uniqueness of the project. The wooden structure of the helicopter parking hall with its wide span glulam beams and timber truss girders was highly applauded.
After the speech of Mr Carsten Herrmann, Head of the Federal Police Squadron Oberschleißheim, the topping-out speech of the team of the timber construction company was the successful conclusion of the official part of the event.

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